Moodle for Beginners

Design and upload resources and activities in the Moodle course

Moodle is one of the most popular open source platforms to create, manage, and organize content for courses.

This course shows you how to create both activities and resources, creating them in a Moodle course and also using external tools. We'll enhance our Moodle course by creating external websites, blogs, videos, and channels in order to create a dynamic course. Furthermore, you'll learn to work with repositories and e-portfolios and organize the content to gamify the course. You'll learn how to deal with and organize information, edit, and share it.

By the end of this course, you will be up and running with Moodle, having made your repositories portable for collaborative work.

Who this course is for

If you are a technician, systems administrator, or part of academic staff, this is the video for you. This video is ideal for anyone who has to administer a Moodle system. Whether you are dealing with a small-scale local Moodle system or a large-scale multi-site Virtual Learning Environment, this video will assist you with any administrative tasks. Some basic Moodle knowledge would be helpful but is not essential.

What you will learn from this course

Table of Contents

  1. Creating Resources in Moodle
    • The Course Overview
    • Exploring Resources within Moodle
    • Choosing a Resource
    • Designing a Resource
    • Uploading a Resource
    • Adding a Resource within a Block

  2. Creating External Resources and Embedding Them in Moodle
    • Exploring External Resources
    • Designing Blogs
    • Creating Videos
    • Embedding External Resources
    • Combining External Resources

  3. Repositories and e-Portfolios
    • Enabling a Repository
    • Working with the Repository
    • Enabling an e-Portfolio
    • Working with the e-Portfolio
    • Embedding the e-Portfolio in the Moodle Course

  4. Designing Activities in Moodle
    • Exploring Solitary or Intrapersonal Activities
    • Designing a Solitary or Intrapersonal Activity
    • Exploring Social or Interpersonal Activities
    • Choosing a Social or Interpersonal Activity and Uploading Content to It
    • Adding New Users and Enrolling Them in Both Activities

  5. Creating External Activities and Embedding them in Moodle
    • Using a Website to Create Activities
    • Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course
    • Using Free and Open Source Software to Create Activities
    • Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course
    • Using Already Made Activities and Embedding Them in the Moodle Course

  6. Designing a Lesson
    • Adding Content to a Lesson
    • Adding a Question to a Lesson
    • Adding More Questions to a Lesson
    • Previewing the Lesson
    • Ending the Lesson

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